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Legal Safety Valves: Law's Answer to Fundamental Uncertainty

An effective legal system must have the ability to “enhance predictability of both public and private action,” but “in a world beset by fundamental uncertainty, legal certainty is a doubled-edged sword,” noted Katharina Pistor (Columbia Law School). While “predetermined laws, regulations, contracts [and] treaties” allow for predictability, “enforcing [these] ex ante legal commitments…without regard to fundamental change [in the world] can lead to the self-destruction of the system”... (Read more)


Rule of Law Anew: Comparison Across Countries
Summary by Hanna Ko, Michelle Min and Tomohiro Saito

As with most concepts and ideas, the way in which rule of law is understood varies greatly across cultural and demographic borders. In this forum, members discussed various meanings and approaches to the “rule of law” and its implications in a global framework. (read more)