About Meridian 180

Meridian 180 is a nonpartisan community of exceptional intellectuals around the Pacific Rim and the world who share two core aspirations: to strengthen and transform the character of the transpacific dialogue and to pool their expertise across diverse professional domains to collectively address key challenges in the region. Our goal is to incubate new ways of thinking and to nurture these into the paradigms and policy solutions for the next generation.

With over 600 distinguished members from among the most creative and innovative individuals around the Pacific Rim and the globe, Meridian 180 gives voice to a wide range of views from among those in, or concerned with, the Asia-Pacific region.

Our principal areas of focus include the regulation of markets and markets’ wider effects on politics, labor, inter-generational equity and the environment, international law, security and diplomacy, and the rule of law and constitutional reform. Topics of discussion have ranged widely from the role of apology in corporate culture, to the future of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, to the various meanings of rule of law. What distinguishes our approach to these problems is the breadth of perspectives we bring together – – from practical financial expertise to constitutional law to the creative arts to mention a few.

Meridian 180 generates new ideas through frank and intensive discussions that draw on the breadth of its members’ collective experience and expertise. A central technical feature of Meridian 180 is that members post and read comments in whichever of the four languages they are most comfortable with, thereby promoting nuanced discussion and subtlety of thought. Comments are translated quickly by experienced scholarly translators and posted simultaneously in all four languages, encouraging comments from each area without hierarchy. Our ongoing conversation is private, highly substantive and serious, and its aim is to develop the capacities of the members to develop new ways of thinking through a cross-pollination of fields. Unlike academic journals and conferences, where responses of the academic community to new ideas lag behind discoveries for months or even years, and where the divide between cutting-edge theory and practice is notoriously great, Meridian 180 has the unique strength of rapid turnaround in translation and dissemination which speeds the exchange of ideas.