With the rise of inward-looking societies, what new political and cultural narratives are needed at this moment around the globe? Meridian 180 members will gather in Brussels, Belgium on May 19-21, 2017 to explore new paradigms and models to answer this question at our 2nd Global Summit. The theme of the gathering is Responses to the Rise of Inward-Looking Societies: New Models of Cooperation, and throughout the three-day conference, Meridian 180 members will examine four idea streams on culture and migration, energy, local vs. global tradeoffs, and security. Interactive video will play a central role in all four idea streams, as participants are challenged to explore, experiment, and bend in inquiry. Please remember your smartphone! 

The Global Summit will be held at the elegant Steingenberger Wiltcher’s in Brussel’s city center. Conference registration: $720.00, inclusive of two lunches, coffee breaks and dinners + all conference materials. Meridian 180 members: If you have not received your invitation via email, please contact Karen LoParco at k.loparco@cornell.edu

Non-members: If you are interested in more information about the event and how you can participate, please contact either Karen LoParco (above) or Claire Hsiang Marx at chm72@cornell.edu. There will be a limited number of seats available for non-members. 

The Annual Global Summit is the first event launching a Meridian 180 eco–system of discussion, research, and work that will take place globally and in different formats over the next three years. Ideas incubated at the Global Summit will become the focal point of interdisciplinary working groups, seminars, academic research, policy papers, opinion pieces, and e–books. Our objective—ideation that will influence public discourse and government policy in a multitude of nations.