Advisory Council

Advisory Council provides guidance concerning short and long term policy regarding membership, administration, governance, finance, and operations. The Advisory Council participates in fundraising, budget deliberations, strategic planning, and providing leadership and guidance in decision-making.

The advisory council convenes twice each year and members will remain in on-line contact as needed between meetings. Members are drawn principally from policy and private sector circles and represent persons particularly well-suited to give the Director counsel on how to build a thriving, sustainable organization in line with Meridian 180‘s mission. Members serve for four year fixed terms which are renewable but can be terminated at any time at the election of the Director. Membership on the Advisory Council shall be contingent on attending a minimum of three Council meetings during the four year term, serving as an advocate internally and externally, and contributing to online forum discussions at least four times per year.

Leigh Bienen, Northwestern Law School, Chicago

Robert Chu, partner, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, Melbourne

Shawn Galey, vice president and general counsel, Brambles Ltd. Asia-Pacific, Singapore

Peter Hammond, managing director, Exto Partners, Sydney

Takayuki Kihira, partner, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto, Tokyo

Young Joon Kim, partner, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP, Seoul

Thomas Riles, Spencer professor of surgery, New York University, New York

Ko-Yung Tung, senior counselor, Morrison Foerster, New York