Forum Summaries:

Meridian 180 publishes summaries of the central themes and ideas discussed in our online forums. Forum summaries are drafted by students and interns (and occasionally by Meridian members).

Keyword: Destruction
Summary by Jessica Kim, Frances Wang, and Sophia Wang

After the Northridge Earthquake, an art institution relocated to a facility formerly used to develop technologies for destruction; a center of creation reappropriated a center of destruction.  But perhaps this reappropriation was not so ironic.  Destruction is commonly linked with haunting visuals, wars, and tragedies.  Yet, destruction may not always be negative.  Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento inaugurated this forum by asking, “Should we destroy art in order to create something better?”  Xingzhong Yu responded, “Is [destruction] absolutely bad? . . . Could destruction be a value in itself?”  Throughout the discussion, participants considered the notion of destruction through different perspectives, including its symbiosis with creation and preservation. (read more)


Does Bitcoin Have a Future?
Summary by Andrew Maharajh

Beyond “Satoshi Nakamoto,” the pseudonym of Bitcoin’s creator, little is known of the origins of the enigmatic electronic currency. Bitcoin’s processes, however, are somewhat better understood. Tied neither to country nor bank, regulation was instead built into Bitcoin’s structure: new units of currency are produced only by solution of complex mathematical problems. (read more)


What is Effective Education?
Summary by Rena Ogura and Rachel Pollak

Effective education is a difficult, yet highly important concept of debate. It penetrates our global economy on every scale: individual success, cultural beliefs, wealth, and the future of an economy as a whole. Qi Wang and Shin Arita initiated a forum on this topic in order to discuss and compare perspectives common to Eastern and Western forms of education. (Read more)


Central Banks and International Governance
Summary by Eudes Lopes

This forum invited Meridian members to engage with one of the most salient questions of the current moment: “What is the way forward for central banks in an increasingly interconnected world?” The online discussion was launched as a prelude to a live one, which took place at the New York City symposium, “The Changing Politics of Central Banks,” co-organized in 2013 by Meridian-180 and the Cornell International Law Journal. (Read more)