Forum Summaries:

Meridian 180 publishes summaries of the central themes and ideas discussed in our online forums. Forum summaries are drafted by students and interns (and occasionally by Meridian members).

Rule of Law Anew: Comparison Across Countries
Summary by Hanna Ko, Michelle Min and Tomohiro Saito

As with most concepts and ideas, the way in which rule of law is understood varies greatly across cultural and demographic borders. In this forum, members discussed various meanings and approaches to the “rule of law” and its implications in a global framework. (read more)


Secrets in an Age of Transparency
Summary by Afoma Ofodile, Chloe Lichtenstein, and Yi Zhang

Transparency in modern democratic governance provokes discussion regarding various forms of non-disclosure and secrecy occurring in the political sphere, and how much access should be granted to the individual or media. In this forum, members asked to what degree transparency is necessary, and where the distinctions lie between various forms of disclosure. (read more)


Retooling: Expertise at a Moment of Uncertainty
Summary by Keertan Chauhan

What makes a person a great expert? What is it like to be an expert at this moment of profound uncertainty? What are the challenges and the possibilities? Experts who confront profound issues during uncertain times and decide how to proceed must constantly “retool:” they examine, then re-examine and adjust, within and beyond their field of expertise. (read more)