Forum Summaries:

Meridian 180 publishes summaries of the central themes and ideas discussed in our online forums. Forum summaries are drafted by students and interns (and occasionally by Meridian members).

Keyword: Apology
Summary by Elise DeVido

Though a routine action in our everyday lives, apologies appear prominently in markets, international diplomacy, and cross-cultural debate. The implications of the act of apologizing may be culturally or social far-reaching; though constructive, it may be a risky engagement. Is apologizing effective? (read more)


How Can We Bring Closure to Crises?
Summary by Eudes Lopes

For those who have lost loved ones in the face of disaster, closure may be difficult to obtain; can recovery plans be made that can help remedy the aftermath while remembering lost lives? Members discussed potential solutions in this forum. (read more)


Behavioral/Institutional Research and Financial Regulation
Summary by Vincent Ialenti

As financial regulation becomes a global matter, the necessity to work toward alternative paradigms for the future of financial policy and the collaboration among different research fields is crucial. This forum called its participants to consider the importance of understanding financial regulation across multiple disciplines. (read more)