How the Meridian 180 Website Works

Meridian 180 is a multilingual website hosting forums on topics of global and contemporary concern, with an emphasis on transpacific issues and perspectives. In order to promote a truly transnational dialogue that does not favor any language or culture, our system has been designed so that conversations evolve at the exact same pace in all the languages we offer.


All our content is published simultaneously in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. To achieve this simultaneity we chose not to rely on automated, computerized translation, but rather to coordinate the work of highly qualified human translators. Although computerized translation has made a lot of progress in recent years, it is still nowhere close to conveying the nuances and excellent style of our members’ contributions. In our view, translating this type of content while fulfilling Meridian 180’s goal of bridging cultural differences requires highly qualified translators with advanced knowledge not only of language, but also of the cultural references of our members and of the topics discussed on Meridian 180.