Meridian 180 Model

Our work model begins with an online forum held in four languages aimed at collecting a broad range of viewpoints and perspectives. This is followed by a more focused and intensive forum, often leading to a live conference backed up with online discussions, and finally resulting, in many instances, in a published book (in four languages), academic journal issue, or policy-oriented white paper, as appropriate.

For example, we held an initial forum on the politics of central banking in February 2012, followed by two further forums in January 2013 leading to a live conference in New York City headlined by Governor Daniel Tarullo of the Federal Reserve, and ultimately resulting in a published special issue of the Cornell International Law Journal. In this case, the project also gave rise to a further collaborative research project aimed at understanding differences in structures of political accountability for central banks, consisting of teams of lawyers, social scientists and central bankers from among our membership, and supported in part by the Tobin Project.