Meridian 180 in the News 

Hankyeoireh Aging Forum in Seoul Korea, December 10, 2016; English Translation

Meridian 180 feature story posted on Mario Einaudi Center homepage."Dialogue for Transformation" February 18, 2016

Annelise Riles and Vicent Ialenti discuss the forum "Theologies and Ecologies for the Twenty First Century" on NPR's 13.7 Cosmos and Culture 
Excited about the Pope's Visit? Read 'Laudato Si
NPR, September 26, 2015 

Haejoang Cho on the 2015 Meridian 180 Conference 
Meridian 180 and Innovation by Global Universities​
The Hankyoreh, April 7, 2015 

The Ewha Daily on the 2015 Meridian 180 Conference
The Status of Democracy in Aging Societies 
April 6, 2015 

Interview with Meridian 180 Director Annelise Riles
In Aging Societies Democracy May Face Challenges (in Korean)
The Seoul Sinmun, April 1, 2015 

Korea Times Article on the 2015 Meridian 180 Conference
Ewha Hosts a Conference with Cornell 
Korea Times, April 1, 2015 

Nigel Thrift Discusses M180 as a New Form of Online Communication for Academics
The Changing Landscape of Global Academic Communication
The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 8, 2013