Our Members

Meridian 180 is a membership organization. With 800 distinguished members from among the most creative and innovative individuals around the Pacific Rim and the globe, Meridian 180 gives voice to a wide range of views from among those in, or concerned with, the Asia-Pacific region.

I. What Members Do

Meridian 180 members exchange ideas — in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean — about key issues facing the Asia-Pacific region. Our broad expertise incubates new perspectives and research directions through online forums and live conferences, which are disseminated in the form of journal articles, policy papers, and multi-lingual ebooks. Members sole responsibility is to adhere to our Confidentiality Agreement.

II. Who Our Members Are

Meridian members include legal scholars, business people, lawyers, anthropologists, policymakers, economists, political scientists, bureaucrats, sociologists, religious leaders, artists and philosophers from over 29 countries. Meridian 180's members are dedicated to enhancing the transpacific dialogue and to finding novel solutions to some of the most difficult policy issues facing the Asia-Pacific region.

III. Our Public Members

Meridian 180 makes some profiles available about members who choose to make their profiles public. Members have access to our full list of members.