Global summit to take place in June 2018 in Hong Kong

2018 Global Summit on Digital Humanity

Meridian 180's annual research gathering will be held in Hong Kong in June 2018, in partnership with the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Institute of Asian Pacific Studies. The theme of the global summit is Digital Humanity: Risks and Opportunities, and participants will gather to discuss how the digitization of modern life has affected the infrastructure and integrity of nearly every aspect of modern life, including the rule of law, the effectiveness of institutions, democracies, and the systems of trade and business. Are ethics, values, and issues of human welfare evolving with technology? What risks and opportunities lie ahead, and what needs to be explored to build a future of integrity and security?

Each year, Meridian 180's global summit attracts participants from around the world, including members from academia, industry, and the public sector.  The 2018 Global Summit will bring together technology experts, economists, legal scholars, practitioners, regulators, and business leaders to take a deep on the most pressing challenges and opportunities for digital humanity, as the launching point for developing a response infrastructure of preparedness formulated by a global group of creative thinkers.  

To learn more about the event, please contact Meridian 180.  A select number of sponsorships are still available.