Meridian 180 founder Annelise Riles receives German lifetime achievement award

Congratulations to Annelise Riles, Meridian 180 director and professor of law and anthropology at Cornell University, on being awarded a lifetime achievement award by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation on behalf of the German government.   

Annelise Riles is the Jack G. Clarke '52 Professor of Far East Legal Studies in the Cornell Law School where she is also director of the Clarke Program in East Asian Law and Culture. The Humboldt Foundation highlighted Riles “outstanding achievements in academic research." 

The Maier Award includes a prize of 250,000 euros. The award will be presented on September. 12, 2018, at a 3-day symposium in Germany, at which Riles will deliver an invited lecture. Riles will utilize the award to carry out ground-breaking research on global governance in cooperation with specialist colleagues in Germany at the renowned Max Planck Institute.   

Riles is the author of six books, including the forthcoming ebook Culture Clash: Experts, Publics and the New Politics of Central Banking, from Cornell University Press (2018) and Collateral Knowledge:  Legal Reasoning in the Global Financial Markets (University of Chicago Press, 2011). Her first book, “The Network Inside Out,” won the American Society of International Law's Certificate of Merit for 2000-2002.  

Riles is Founder and Director of Meridian 180, a global platform for research and policy innovation. Meridian 180 brings together 800 + thought leaders from academia, business and public sector to collaborate on critical issues, such as financial governance, environmental governance, data governance and cyber security, crisis planning, and democracy. Meridian 180 is a partnership of Cornell University’s Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, the Clarke Program in East Asian Law and Culture at Cornell Law School, Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea, the Institute for Social Science at the University of Tokyo, and the University of New South Wales. (  

Annelise Riles said, “I am humbled and excited to have been selected by the Humboldt Foundation for this great honor. Anneliese Maier, for whom the award is named, was a distinguished philosopher and historian and the first German woman to be awarded by the American History of Science Society. I am looking forward to carrying out research in this tradition and in her name on the issues of transnational collaboration and governance.” 

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